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Our Mission

We make cool games to help charities. You buy our games. We donate money. Everyone wins. Download our first game, Sidekick Cycle, and help bring bikes to kids in need!

Game Dev

We are gamers that want to help people. We built our company around the mission to use mobile gaming to connect people with causes in a fun and entertaining way.


We choose very specific partners. They must provide a tangible good that is measurable. That way, every dollar we raise is for something we can touch.


By purchasing our game, you contribute. We take 50% of the proceeds from sales of our premium priced games and donate them to our partners for tangible goods that change lives.


This is the part we love. We are using mobile entertainment to help affect global change. And so are you. Together we can change the world.


Sidekick Cycle aims to raise awareness of the positive impact bikes can make in impoverished communities. A bike can make sure a kid attends school every day, as well as provide daily healthy activity. Global Gaming Initiative's mission is to connect communities to make a difference. Watch the video below below and visit the Sidekick Cycle site to learn more.

Our Partners


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